Frank Jasiulewicz, PG, Geologist and Lead Investigator – Mr. Jasiulewicz, is a registered geologist with over 29 years of environmental experience investigating and remediating soil and groundwater contaminated with hazardous substances.  He also has 10 years of construction experience.  He has directed several hundred soil and groundwater assessment and remediation projects including CERCL, RCRA and State site actions, which were mainly involved with petroleum, solvent and or metal contamination.  He has significant experience with remedial technologies such as pump and treat, soil venting, air sparging, dual phase extraction, chemical oxidation and bioremediation technologies. His remedial experience is comprehensive in that he has designed, installed, and operated/maintained numerous remedial systems.   He also has large remedial project management experience, which includes directing a $20 MM contract with the Navy to clean up soil and groundwater contaminated with petroleum, oil and lubricants at Navy bases nationwide. 

Education: BS (Geology) Bloomsburg University (Magnum Cum Laude)

Publications and presentations:
  • Jasiulewicz, F., Brown, R., "Air Sparging: A New Model for Remediation."  Pollution Engineering, 1992.
  • Jasiulewicz, F., Brown, R., "Remediation of Fuel Spills Contaminating Groundwater With Floating Product Through The Use Of Integrated Site Remediation."  18th Environmental Symposium/American Defense Preparedness Association, 1991
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  • Jasiulewicz, F., "Solutions To Underground Tank Risk."  Pennsylvania Petroleum Association, 1985.

  • Professional Geologist, Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey Closure & Subsurface Evaluator Certified, New Jersey
  • New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional

Years with RedHawk: 12